Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prunus cerasifera is the wild plum's or cherry plum (our street trees) proper name

Well, this weekends work, all on woven wool in the same aluminium pot:

This is it! dried and ironed, was is worth it, YES I declare!

Have you noticed the left and right mirror image as it was folded over?

Here are some details:

Wet out of the pot, first the plum's

then the Eucalyptus that growes near the shed, I have used this tree in a former blog, when the woolen jumper turned that lovely powder pink:


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bundles from the aluminium pot and the mystery:

I have a mystery in this pots outcome:

The wild prunus leaves are green on one cloth and red/rust on the other, same tree, same twig, etc.............
from what I could work out, the only difference is:
  • the green leave print (wild prunus) have no metal in the bundle and
  • the red/rust leave print from the same had some chains and rings (presumably iron) included

 If you click on the image it enlarges and I have written on the images what is what: