Monday, August 22, 2011

My bits and pieces from Bussy sur Moudon

Finally, something to show from Bussy sur Moudon with India Flint earlier this year.
Its been a cold wet and especially dark winter, did not get done much at all............

The pieces in the middle are all from the Swiss workshop, they are embroidered or stitched onto the blanket, then is the Australian "frame" and beyond that will be Australian pieces; that is from my land
well it's sort of what I am all about I suppose.

Will be a wall hanging for my room when finished, unless it wants to be something else that is..... ;-}

Some details:

Same treatment as below, with Italian silk

This is some silk I picked up on the market in Italy
I think the one on the left must have some wool in it, as it took the colours (the yellow flowers from oxalis) much stronger
Again the squares are from the sides of food tins, they bring out the orange-yellow, wonderfull colours......... the green is from carrot tops and oxalis

Monday, August 08, 2011

What you can do with oxalis

It's a weed, it's a mordant but it also produces this:

What a dark strong yellow, mind you it is still wet.

It is oxalis on wool, my alltime favourite plant because it delivers me the best ever greens, I simply love it.

Did not work last week, needed to wait until the yellow flowers came out, now I am getting results.

I had it layered with aluminium foil as the next photo will explain

Remember, we have spring here..........

This are prints from eucalyptus leaves which on their own do not realy produce prints, but as chance favoured me, I found it needs the tops from food tins and then I get very unusual shades from browns to maroons to mauves, hence the added aluminium foil and the strong yellow from oxalis flowers...

Isn't nature imaginative?????????????????

What a pleasure unwrapping is...........