Saturday, October 18, 2008

if you click on the images they will enlarge

This turns the fabric green

This skirt was fun to make
and all hand sewn

Faye, do you recognise this top?

I was asked about it at the National Gallery fashion exhibit on thursday in Melbourne

How to make a wrap top

from a top you do not use anymore,

the India Flint way

a few snips

some additions

pockets (if you follow the master)

there you go.......

Now I better make one of my own!

keep watching .....................

Monday, October 13, 2008

This is the latest I have been daring myself to dye, its silk & wool from "Beautiful Silks"
It feels marvelous soft and flowy,
might have to buy some more .....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The way the MAGIC happens: This is the book that tells you all in details:

This is one of my attempts:

it works very simple and easy

There is a new world out there since I last posted
I have been to Uni for four years
Had a year of unemployment
And now I am working
In textiles of all things

It was a wondrous five years
Of concentrating on painting
With brushes, spatulas and fingers
On canvas mostly and some papers
Some inspiring lectures on Renaissance
Following three and half a months in Europe
Trailing the paintings discussed
An exhibition a necessity following
Dreaming time in Venice:

Now my conundrum:
How do I find time to paint
When this magic new world has appeared:

Concentring on textiles
I had to change tack
When India Flint - -
Appeared on the Sunday Art’s program on ABC
Lights went on:
We used to dye with onion skins, tea and coffee
Use plants and flowers for all sorts of things growing up

Here a reminder: a world without the chemicals
And a lot less expensive too
I have Eucalyptus trees, plants and flowers
Well what’s left alive from the draught anyway
Let’s give this a go

I have had an eye on India Flint’s book as it was:
“ECO COLOUR”, botanical dyes for beautiful textiles
That was ordered quick smart

Then I had a chance of a seven day Forum
Where India taught us how to look at garments differently
How with scissors you can turn something useless
To something new and usefull: recycling magic
We stitched by hand and had a marvellous time
Learned a lot from this mother earth
With her sound and earth oriented philosophy

If you get a chance to join her,
Please don’t miss it........

Now I spend every free minute
Working with Eucalyptus leaves and bark
What colour will it be?
Oh! This rose leaves give a dull green
But the others print bright green
If I put some of this weeds in the pot as well?

½ to one hour in the pot
Eucalyptus need to boil to work
Then simmer gently
And the unpacking, just can’t wait
Then they are drying in the sun .....................

I better get back to it
There is the latest batch................