Friday, December 24, 2010

Now the onion skins - Zibele (Zwiebeln) Schalen

because I omitted the first step and dyed the whole lot together in one go, I get the uneven dyes, which I like
Ich habe alles zusammen gefaerbt aufs gleiche mal in einem Schritt, desswegen die mercerierten Farben...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

carrot tops and red cabbage, what a delightful result

Uebersetzung ist Oberhalb (Lebensmittel faerben)) zum Anklicken bitte 

1.) 5 bunches of carrot tops and
2.) 1/2 a red cabbage,
                                              dyed in the aluminium slow cooker, with copper and brass metals

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

no more lilac, but dark rose hues on today's silk/rayon velvet

it just does not show the magic hues on the photos,

sorry India, got my incantations wrong today, just learning after all..................    :-)

Tried all the plants used before in a row, not today it said, we will try again though, mind you I threw a few tea bags in, might have covered/altered the colour (sure did, silly me)
I will always try something else, serves me right, but what fun to be had, to wake up to unbundling...........

Saturday, December 18, 2010

silk/rayon velvet turned lilac, wow

look at this, can't believe the colour:

since the wool and silk have not taken this colour, it has to be the rayon that turned lilac with the eucalyptus leaves and pods

I just can't get over it, not my favourite colour, but a delight no less............
Well, you guessed it, there will be a copied bundle on the boild pretty soon, to see if I can repeat this colour.

I know India writes and tells of this, but I just can not get over the fact, that the same plant (Eucalyptus we are talking about, don't know so much with the other plants) can give you from nothing to magic, and the colour changes with seasons, combinations and so on.
For somebody like me, who would prefer some prediction, its FRUSTRATING.... but also humbling, to not be in charge for once................

Better get back to work then.....................

Saturday, December 11, 2010

nuno felted eco-dyed embellishments, my first try

those bubbles were caused by the blusty windy weather ......... well, it stoped raining for a minute!

had trouble with the felting of the embellished pieces, had to add another layer of prefelt, then it worked fine.
I think the reason would be because the pieces were boiled in the eco dye pot, that would have changed the structure of the prefelt, so it couldn't traverse into the silk, maybe it was just too "heavy" with all the embellishments?????????????

In details:

fascinating how the stitches form the pattern in the felting...........

love this last piece, is very subtle, was a prefelt with a lovely leave pattern from a bundle, covered it with a silk gauze and did the embroidery.........

Friday, December 10, 2010

For this weekend, ready to felt

a layer of recycled silk, prefelt wool, silk chiffon, loosly stitched together with some wool, topped with the stitched on prefelt and eco dyed pieces
be interesting to see how this works, I am thinking of wall hanging, demonstration piece, but who know what it will end up being
Pieces are from blog, 10th May 2010 and before