Saturday, October 11, 2008

There is a new world out there since I last posted
I have been to Uni for four years
Had a year of unemployment
And now I am working
In textiles of all things

It was a wondrous five years
Of concentrating on painting
With brushes, spatulas and fingers
On canvas mostly and some papers
Some inspiring lectures on Renaissance
Following three and half a months in Europe
Trailing the paintings discussed
An exhibition a necessity following
Dreaming time in Venice:

Now my conundrum:
How do I find time to paint
When this magic new world has appeared:

Concentring on textiles
I had to change tack
When India Flint - -
Appeared on the Sunday Art’s program on ABC
Lights went on:
We used to dye with onion skins, tea and coffee
Use plants and flowers for all sorts of things growing up

Here a reminder: a world without the chemicals
And a lot less expensive too
I have Eucalyptus trees, plants and flowers
Well what’s left alive from the draught anyway
Let’s give this a go

I have had an eye on India Flint’s book as it was:
“ECO COLOUR”, botanical dyes for beautiful textiles
That was ordered quick smart

Then I had a chance of a seven day Forum
Where India taught us how to look at garments differently
How with scissors you can turn something useless
To something new and usefull: recycling magic
We stitched by hand and had a marvellous time
Learned a lot from this mother earth
With her sound and earth oriented philosophy

If you get a chance to join her,
Please don’t miss it........

Now I spend every free minute
Working with Eucalyptus leaves and bark
What colour will it be?
Oh! This rose leaves give a dull green
But the others print bright green
If I put some of this weeds in the pot as well?

½ to one hour in the pot
Eucalyptus need to boil to work
Then simmer gently
And the unpacking, just can’t wait
Then they are drying in the sun .....................

I better get back to it
There is the latest batch................

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