Wednesday, November 12, 2008

first time I tried this method

From Indias book, page 128 her own method:

pick up the sun dried leaves (or fresh) from the ground
boil, then simmer for 45 minutes

use liquid in metal pot
keep gently under simmer for 45 minutes
let cool in liquid

eh voila:
as they say, the colour looks better in reality

The second piece is a using a second time dye from the pinkish jumper. Its the one below (Mo, Oct 13th), the lovely colour achieved just does not show


tumbleweed said...

hello Madeleine, i've been tagged and in turn am tagging you...if you visit my blog you'll see what it's all about
cheerio, india

T said...

Hello madeleine, see you also were tagged by india. Love your dyeing work. I too have been struck by the india lightning and am having fun with my wardrobe as well. Have not posted any of my clothes up as yet though. Would like to keep looking in on you if that ok. xt

Madeleine said...

Hello India, "thanks" I think, for the Tag, will get to it in a while, am snowed under at this stage....loved yours by the way!

hello T, just been sneeking a look at your blog earlier today, and am fascinated, I really want to felt, have all ready, but it also will be a while, after the heat in fact, until then I just enjoy watching others work.
By the way, I too have been struck by the India bug, I find it so fascinating, frustrating, wishing I had more time and so on. So in small steps as usual.... I get there eventually ..... and my students, well they think I am crackers, that I do enjoy, they might even learn something, would that not be justice .....

please be my guest (better said: be a Follower), keep looking, thats the way to keep us all motivated, if nobody is interested, we would soon stop, woudn't we?

Martine said...

Hello Madeleine, may i be a follower too?
I love what you do with cloths.
Been struck by the India bug, thats great, its allready overflown the ocean. You pity having little time? Well, may our steps on this earth not only be light but also small.

Arija said...

I wonder, did you find me from India's bog? Thank you for following.

Madeleine said...

Welcome Arija,
yes I did find you on India's Blog, I do cruise when I find time, with blog there is no other way I found, to find blogs you like...
I don't know if I caught up with you, Martine, also welcome to the India bug, it's delightful isn't it!!!!!!!
Thanks for your comments, I'll be quiet for a while, I suspect, until I get back next year, but the i have to catch up........
I nice break for everybody, I am going for peace and quiet and magic views, to paint and photograph.
Just bought a new brushes (very expensive), made up a watercolour tube set, packed the old acrylics (unfortunately, the egg temperea is not ideal for travel)and I also bought myself a Digital SLR, the Olympus E-520. I have Photoshop on the computer and intend to teach myself over the break............
Recon I will still be busy..........
Saved up the latest two JD Robb's as well, to read on the beach, maybe watching the Sydney to Hobart pass by?
Love you all,