Monday, January 24, 2011

That RED CABBAGE, and what it can do to fabric.......... & this is the LAST of it too

well, I have been busy, so before the red cabbage gets even more expensive (no complaints from me) because of the floods everywhere that grows things, I had to do the vinegar & Bi carb Soda comparison,
and here it is:
same cabbage, mostly same fabric and different results, after washing of course:

and the Bi carb mix got to stink too (left both 2 days in their broth, hopping for a stronger colour, which I don't think happened.............
there you go, now I KNOW
Colours are lovely and subtle, the vinegar chiffon is beautiful, and the Japanese kimono wool in the Bi card is a colour I like too and the Nun's cloth wool as well...........

By the way I am still waiting on the COLD BUNDLE, promised myself to wait until end of the week, then's the big UNWRAPPING (better and more satisfying than xmas anyway)

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