Monday, November 15, 2010

This is it: Silk/rayon velvet magic!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks India, I would never have thought this works

Take one Slowcooker, some silk/rayon velvet fabric, add (maybe artfully, if the wind allowes)
  • Eucalyptus cinerea (?) leaves
  • Prunus cerasifera - Cherry plum street tree, leaves and berries
  • Purple sage leaves                               and a few rusty chains
fold & wrap around a brass rod tightly (I am not very good at that)
and this is the outcome:
Make sure you click on it to enlarge it for full effect

The writting on the photo is not very clear, so here are the basics:
  • Eucalyptus cinerea (?) leaves = mark are rusty red
  • Prunus cerasifera - Cherry plum street tree, leaves and berries = mark as various greens
  • Purple sage leaves = mark a lovely supptle green with recognisable sage leave markings
  • chains turn into various brownish to blackish tones
Hope this helps...........


Julie Shackson said...


Jemima said...

Beautiful, velvet is one of my all time favourite fabrics. Which leaf gave you the green?

Madeleine said...

hello Jemima,
if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, I have written on the images what gave the effects.
In general, it was the Prunus cerasifera or Cherry plum street tree and the Purple sage leaves that gave me the greens, also rose leaves are good, its experimenting as they do not always turn out as expected.........
have fun!

Martine said...

This looks great Madeleine.................

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely result, is the pot the base of a slow cooker??

madeleine said...

hello Jo,
yes, I searched for the biggest slow cooker I could find, its marvellous, as it does not boil, and you can just leave it for the time required, wish to find an even bigger one
tke care