Saturday, November 06, 2010

Workshop in Switzerland with India, 10th, 11th & 12th May 2011

fieldwork with India Flint

May 10,11,12 at Bussy sur Moudon, Switzerland

In our ‘fieldwork’ we will colour cloth using very simple ingredients; leaves, water and heat. We will work with bio-regional dye sources, windfall bundle dyeing techniques and gentle meditative stitching during this three-day workshop on a farm 30km north of Lausanne, Switzerland. Together we shall take windfall-leaf collecting walks to create beautiful dye samplers, gradually piecing them together to construct the foundation of an exquisite textile piece that can be taken on further wanderings to be completed at your leisure. Though no adjunct mordants will be used in this class, there will be opportunity to discuss the potential effects of scrap metals, different waters and other easily sourced ingredients on dye outcomes.

Workshop languages

India is fluent in English and German and has some [but not brilliant] French. We will do our best!

To reserve a place in this workshop please contact Janet Crowe at

It may be possible to organize accommodation and meals for participants, please contact Janet if you need assistance with such things….......


This is from the flyer Janet sent me, and I can attest to her helpfullness, as I will be on holidays there from Australia I could not do everything I wanted from here...................
Hope to see lots of you


Martine said...

Hey Madeleine, so happy you found that reactie button! I love your blog too. Have been a lurker here for some time. This workshop with India sounds terrific but Switzerland is a little too far for me. Stil hoping she will also teach a little nearer as she did two years ago as i joined her workshop in Belgium.

Madeleine said...

thank you Martine, a shame its too far......